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Extraction Site Preservation

Any time a tooth is removed, it should always be replaced so other teeth will not shift from their natural position. If a tooth is removed and nothing is done with the extraction site, the jaw bone will degenerate and change shape during healing and can cause your teeth to shift.  Shifting can cause the mouth to sink in and the face to change appearance.  Also, chewing can be impaired and stress can wear or break the remaining teeth.This can create problems in your bite and affect your ability to speak and chew. 

We will discuss with you all the options for replacing a missing tooth and, with your input, come up with the best solution for you.  In the past, the best choice was a fixed bridge that involves crowning teeth on each side of a missing tooth and a 'false' tooth attached to the crowns.  This is cemented and does not come out.  However, over a life time, bridges usually needs to be replaced once or twice.  The state of the art of dentistry, now, is replacing a single tooth with an implant that has a post and a cemented crown.  Many times implants can last a life-time.  Also, this prevents cutting down good teeth to place a bridge.We are always open to a conversation on what you would like to do with your extraction site before removing a tooth. Dr Davison will make a recommendation and layout a treatment plan.

RL Davison, DDS in Albuquerque NM
RL Davison, DDS in Albuquerque NM

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